Iaito from ZnAl alloy - ZnAl-SH-3

Развитие детей ЭСТЕР

Training sword from zink-aluminium alloy.
Made in Japan.
The sword was used about one year and than just saved (though one time per year it was used by rokudan sensei during seminars; by the way – the sword received the best appreciation).
Very well maintained, fixed in Saya without luft etc, there are small marks on the blade and saya (invisible from 2m distance).
Blade length: 73.5cm from Kissaki to Tsuba, 71.4cm from Kissaki to Munemachi (2.35 shaku).
Handle length: 24cm, Japanese black natural leather tsuka-ito. Silvered Habaki.
Weight: 729g
Very comfortable in hands. Nice balance and nice sound.

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