Sageo (mélange)

Развитие детей ЭСТЕР

Material - 100% mercerized cotton.
Wickerwork, hademade.
The thread of "mélange" - a special color thread where different shades of colors sequentially into one another. When it turns weaving fabric with a smooth transition of one color to another. It creates the illusion that the color is poured, the resulting figure - is unique. Adding a monochromatic thread "in the same tone" or close tone emphasizes the beauty of melange; and the addition of a different color thread gives a noble contrast.
Color spectrum:  1) melange; 2) melange with the addition of one color thread.
Width - 1.2 cm; length - on request (220 cm, 230 cm).
For the order please choice the thread (write the thread’s number).
One-tone threads (if you would like to add it) please find here 
Please don’t hesitate to ask questions regarding the choice.


Price: €26.00