Iaito from ZnAl alloy - ZnAl-SH-3

Развитие детей ЭСТЕР

Training sword from zink-aluminium alloy.
Made in Japan.
The sword was used about one year and than just saved (though one time per year it was used by rokudan sensei during seminars; by the way – the sword received the best appreciation).
Very well maintained, fixed in Saya without luft etc, there are small marks on the blade and saya (invisible from 2m distance).
Brand new Sageo.
Blade length: 73.5cm from Kissaki to Tsuba, 71.4cm from Kissaki to Munemachi (2.35 shaku).
Handle length: 24cm, Japanese black natural leather tsuka-ito. Silvered Habaki.
Weight: 729g
Very comfortable in hands. Nice balance and nice sound.

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