Iaito from ZnAl alloy JP-3

Развитие детей ЭСТЕР

 Iaito from ZnAl alloy JP-3
Training sword from zink-aluminium alloy.
Made on base of successful and well-established model of Minosaka - "Iaito - Higo Koshirae” (bought from NineCirles shop),
with the next tuning things:
- change of the Tsuka-ito with dark brown natural made in Japan leather (nubuck)
- change of the Tsuba to the enough rare and well-looking and light weight model.  
- Habaki, Seppas and Tsuba were galvanized with white mat metal (“silver plated”)
- improved balance
- new Sageo and sword bag
- Kojiri additionally rounded and polished (for easier coming in to Obi).

The whole tuning of the sword is made on special request of the owner.
The sword was in non-regular and careful using of enough experienced iaidokas (5-6 dan),
always with regular careful maintenance. The Habaki, Fuchi and Menuki has markes of natural oxidation.
Blade length: 79.8cm from Kissaki to Tsuba, 77.3cm from Kissaki to Habaki (2.55 shaku).
Handle length: 27cm, Tsuka-ito - dark brown natural made in Japan leather (nubuck).
Fuchi and Gashira: bronze.
Tsuba, Seppa, Habaki and Menuki: galvanized bronze.
Sageo: 100% mercerized cotton, special handmade.
Sword bag: Chinese silk.
Saya is from hard wood with artificial horn Kojiri and Koiguchi.
Weight: 872g
Balance point – 12.5 cm from the Tsuba.
Very comfortable in hands. Standard good iaito sound.

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