Iaito from ZnAl alloy ZnAl-SH-5

Развитие детей ЭСТЕР

This sword was made in Japan. 
It was used regularly for a several years.
We checked and fixed all details:
- renewed Koiguchi (now the sword is fixed in Saya without luft)
- painted small marks on Saya
- cleaned the Tsuka-ito
- checked the fixing of Nakago inside of Tsuka
- removed traces of rust from Tsuba and painted it.
Blade length: 76.5 cm from Kissaki to Tsuba, 74.2cm from Kissaki to Habaki (2.45 shaku).
Handle length: 27.5cm, cotton grey tsuka-ito. Brass Tsuka-gashira and Fuchi with crane theme decoration (the crane in Japan is a symbol of wisdom, justice, generosity).
Saya: lacquer saya.
Brand new long black cotton Sageo.
Weight: 810g
Very comfortable in hands. Nice balance and good sound.

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