Iaito from ZnAl alloy JP-1

Развитие детей ЭСТЕР

Training sword from zink-aluminium alloy after restoration.
This sword was bought in tozando-shop in Japan.
Unfortunately it struck a chandelier and the kissaki was damaged. And after that it was lying on a shelf for several years.

We performed the blade restoration as well as Tsuka fixing plus balancing.
Now this nice sword is in using again.
Blade length: 75cm from Kissaki to Tsuba, 72.7cm from Kissaki to Habaki (2.4 shaku).
Handle length: 25.5cm, brown natural leather.
Tsuba, Fuchi and Gashira: bronze; Fuchi and Gashira are silvered.
Weight: 868g
Balance point – 13cm from the Tsuba.
Saya is from hard woodi. 
Wonderful balance (specially and hand-made balanced). Nice sound.

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